Top free conference call services

Top free conference call services

The capacity to interact with employees and colleagues throughout the country will become increasingly important as the remote workforce expands in 2020. The use of conference calling services aids in this teamwork. The finest conference call services can link dozens or even hundreds of people at once, include features like call recording and screen sharing, and are inexpensive. We looked into over 30 choices as part of our approach to assist you to choose the best one for your company. You can find our suggestions, as well as information on how much a conference call service should cost, the different types of services, and what features to look for in a service, below.

We’ll review the finest online conference call services and software in this post to help you manage distant teams, enhance collaboration, and expand your company.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a multi-purpose collaboration platform for small companies and distant teams. Text messaging, group chats, channels, file sharing, and audio/video conferencing are all included.

Setting up your small company team is a breeze. Microsoft Teams is compatible with all operating systems and mobile devices.

The fundamental program is free for everyone, but Office 365, Microsoft’s productivity package, adds many more capabilities. Office 365 gives you a professional business email address as well as access to all Microsoft Office programs, such as Outlook, Word, and Excel.


Because it’s a powerful cloud-hosted VoIP phone system and a fantastic alternative for organizations of all kinds, RingCentral is our pick for the best business phone service. Almost every call, collaboration, and mobile function a business might desire in a phone system is included in the system. Because it’s simple to use and allows any user to conduct conversations with up to 1,000 participants, RingCentral is our pick for the finest conference calling service within a phone system.

While each plan includes one local or toll-free line, there is a charge for extra numbers. Toll-free numbers cost $4.99 per month, local numbers cost $5.99 per month per user, and vanity numbers cost $30 one-time.

RingCentral offers businesses the option of purchasing or renting desk phones. Desk phones range in price from $80 to $400 per unit, or they may be rented for $5 to $21 per month. Although RingCentral does not have a free subscription, you may sign up for a 15-day trial.


One of the most effective business phone services available. Using your virtual business phone number, you can simply organize conference calls.

Nextiva makes it simple to add team members and set up call forwarding policies depending on departments, making it ideal for remote teams. Their audio call quality is outstanding, and their applications are simple to use. They also provide good customer service.

Their platform also contains CRM, LiveChat, and a slew of additional tools to help you run your business. The main drawback is that their video calling capability is quite restricted.


A popular video conferencing and meeting software that can be used online. Zoom is a fantastic choice if all you need is video conferencing and online meeting software.

By just providing a link, you may effortlessly set up an online conference call or meeting and invite your team colleagues. It’s simple to use, and there are applications for all platforms, including mobile phones.

The free plan’s disadvantage is that conference calls are restricted to 40 minutes in length. This is really inconvenient since everyone in the conference room will see a countdown timer, and when the timer reaches 40 minutes, the app will eject everyone out.

Zoom does not offer you a dedicated virtual business phone number, unlike the first two companies on our list. Each Zoom conference, however, is assigned a unique dial-in code that attendees may use to participate via phone if they don’t have the app or stable internet connection.

conference callSkype

A popular audio/video calling and texting software. For freelancers, entrepreneurs, and individual users, it has long been the preferred method of conducting one-on-one (1:1) conferences and meetings.

You may use your Skype software to call both local and international phone lines. You may also obtain a local phone number in numerous areas and countries and use it to accept calls.

HD video conferencing, screen sharing, call recording, file sharing, and more are all available with Skype. Skype is fantastic for one-on-one chats, but adding additional people to a video conference lowers the call quality substantially.

G Suite Hangouts or Meet

For conference calls and video meetings, G Suite includes Google Hangout meetings. For small organizations and teams, it provides secure messaging, chat, audio, and video conferencing.

Google Meet applications, which also enable online conference calls, are also available for free. G Suite, on the other hand, includes a professional corporate email address, cloud storage, and Google apps like Calendar, Sheets, and Docs, among other things.

Google Hangouts, unlike some of the other conference call software on our list, does not provide a business phone line. Users can attend meetings using a dial-in number, but no other capabilities of a traditional business phone service are available.


All of the software systems described above allow you to do conference calls and online video meetings. However, you must select the one that best meets your requirements.