Microsoft teams audio calls

Steps To Setup An Audio Conference Call On Teams

Successful teamwork and collaboration depends significantly on quality of communication. Remote working is becoming more and more popular with time and to maintain communication and keep up with daily tasks it is important to have an efficient tool.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is an excellent tool for collaborating and working as a team. It is the fastest growing app in the history of Microsoft. More than 330,000 companies worldwide use the app. It is preferred by many organizations because the chat window can be used for quick conversations, sharing files and scheduling meetings.

Teams has all the features required to replicate a modern day office and ensure productive collaboration on a single platform. It offers a shared workspace that makes it possible for large and dispersed teams to work together. Teams makes sure that the workflow is uninterrupted and seamless.

How Does Teams Work?

Here are the main ways Teams works:

  • Each team gets their own channel where they can share conversations and ideas
  • Team members have access to all the conversations and can view them on the general channel. They can also bring other team members into the conversation.
  • It has a basic chat function that allows easy and quick communication between teams, groups and individuals.
  • All the files shared across conversations and channels are automatically saved in the SharePoint site. All the collaboration and ideas are safe and easily accessible.
  • The feature of screen sharing and seamless video conferencing makes it possible to have face-to-face conversations. It improves the quality of communication and makes real-time collaboration possible.
  • The online meeting function has the capacity to accommodate about 10, 000 users at a time. It makes it possible to hold meeting across the entire organization if needed. It is also helpful in remote training. The feature allows organizations to add internal and external shareholders. There online meeting feature comes with bonus functions like note taking, file-uploading and scheduling.
  • With additional licensing, Microsoft Teams can replace the current telephone system as well.
  • Audio conferencing feature also requires additional licensing. The feature adds a layer of flexibility to the platform as it allows users to connect from a phone line without any internet connection.

Microsoft team audio conference calls

How To Set Up An Audio Conference Call With Teams?

Conference calls are a perfect way of connecting with multiple people simultaneously. The format is user-friendly. Microsoft Teams makes meetings easier and efficient. Here is a guide on setting up a conference call on Teams.


The first step to setting up a conference call with Teams is to get the required licenses. Audio conferencing is a part of Office 365 enterprise E5 licenses, but for audio conferences you will have to purchase licenses. Every person who wants to complete the audio conference call will have to acquire the license.


The next step is acquiring service numbers. To connect the users will need service numbers instead of phone numbers. the participants of the conference call use tolled or toll-free numbers. Once you have the service number, connect it to the conference bridge.


To set up conference calls you will need to configure the bridge settings. You will find the settings under the dashboard. Click on meetings and then go to conference settings. You can open the bridge settings from there. The dashboard can be used configure the bridge and conference settings. The rest of the relevant conference settings can also be accessed through the dashboard.


Assigning the phone numbers to people who are running the conference call is an essential step. People who are responsible for running conference calls will need a dial-in number. They use that number to connect and initiate a conference call.


The final step is to set up invitations. The platform allows you to invite people directly to the meetings if required. Teams also allow holding meetings on-the-fly by giving out the relevant number. The participants of the meeting can use the number to call into the platform and join a meeting. It is an optional step but it is useful as it is helpful in coordinating meetings.


Microsoft Teams is becoming a popular collaboration and communication tool among organizations because it is convenient and has great features to offer. People prefer audio conferencing calls  because they feel more comfortable over audio as compared to video.

Audio calls can travel over erratic and slow connections so the conference call is not interrupted even if the connection is weak. MS Teams makes it possible to launch audio conference call quickly, easily and affectively.