15 Useful websites for taking classes online

15 Useful websites for taking classes online

To succeed in life, you can’t ever stop learning more, improving yourself, and acquiring new skills. Thanks to modern technology, this is now easy to do, and there are many useful websites for taking classes online. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a class about it that you can very easily get your hands on. Having some new certificates will help you get a job, change your career path, get a promotion, or even chase after that dream job that you’re dying to have. These useful websites for taking classes online will take you there, so keep reading and find the right one for you on this list.

1. Udemy

Don’t hesitate to try Udemy even if you’re on a tight budget because this website offers a lot of free courses and frequent discounts on paid classes. They are thought by professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts, and you can find classes in marketing, business, and tech, but also those about lifestyle, hobbies, health, and productivity.

2. Linkedin Learning

You will need to subscribe to Linkedin Learning to get access to all those courses in tech, education, business, art, and design, but you will get a free trial for one month so that you can make sure that it’s worth it. There are thousands of courses to choose from, and if you already use Linkedin you might have noticed that they occasionally offer free classes for a limited time only.

3. Skillshare

If you only have fifteen minutes a day to learn something, visit Skillshare because you’ll find more than 500 short free classes and thousands of premium classes that you can choose from. There are many topics including tech, writing, lifestyle, and film. Skillshare and Udemy are among the most popular useful websites for taking classes online.

4. Academic Earth

Maybe you’re only interested in academic classes, and you should definitely try Academic Earth if that’s so. You’ll find free courses about arts, economics, humanities, computer science and a lot more. Acquiring new skills entirely for free has never been easier.

5. Coursera

These days, you can receive an amazing college education without worrying about the high costs of tuition. Useful websites to take classes online include Coursera, which offers courses in many fields from psychology to professional development. All courses are created and taught by professors from Stanford, Princeton, and many more well-known universities.

15 Useful websites for taking classes online 6. edX

Similar to Coursera, edX gives you the possibility to take some of the many university classes and get certified. This is where you’ll find courses from Harvard, Berkeley, and many more universities. Just imagine going after a job in the field you’re interested in and handing in a Harvard certification that proves your skills.

7. Udacity

This is one of the useful websites for taking classes online if you’re interested in web development, data science, and programming. All of these courses are entirely free, and you can choose a nano-degree program if you want to turn your tech skills into a full-time career.

8. MasterClass

From Serena Williams to Gordon Ramsey, many world-renewed instructors offer their knowledge on MasterClass. You will need to get a subscription, but the price is very affordable, so anyone can use this website to learn more about what interests them and learn it from the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

9. Alison

This is where you’ll find a lot of comprehensive, free classes on science, technology, languages, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and more. Whether you’re a manager, a freelancer, a teacher, or anything else, you’ll surely find something interesting on this useful website.

10. Codeacademy

Codeacademy, as the name reveals, gives you the possibility to learn about coding. It covers Python, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, and many more kinds of programming.

11. FutureLearn

This is one of the completely free useful websites to take classes online, and they are taught by special organizations and universities. You’ll find topics related to management, digital skills, teaching, health, management, business, health, law, and many more.

12. LearnSmart

LearnSmart is a great website for learning about business, HR, IT, project management, and more. Its goal is career development, and you’ll find a lot of interesting courses to choose from.

13. General Assembly

You can find in-person classes, online classes, and part-time and full-time options on General Assembly. It mostly covers digital skills which include JavaScript, digital marketing, data analytics, and iOS and Android development.

14. CreativeLive

CreativeLive is one of the useful websites for taking online classes that are made specifically for creators. There are five categories – art and design, photo and video, craft and maker, music and audio, and money and life.

15. GCF Global

The educational tool GCFLearnFree.org is focused on helping you get a job. You can learn about the Internet and gain computer skills or learn about freelance work, creative hobbies, and finances. All classes are entirely free, and there are more than 200 topics to choose from.

Checking out these websites is something you must do when you’re trying to figure out how to cope with job loss, but even if you are happy with your career, there’s still more that you can learn about.