Things to consider when buying a smartphone

Things to consider when buying a smartphone

In case you’re looking for new mobile phones you may find some geek lingo which is a bit of befuddling. There are countless mechanical specs related to buying a mobile phone that understanding what’s going on with everything can be intense.

Not to stress, we’re here to help. In this essential smartphone purchasing guide, we’re looking for what the specs on a smartphone you ought to be searching for. Don’t buy a new phone until you read this!

Build quality

A smartphone has to have durability so it has to be a good build. The whole handset market is to a great extent partitioned into two kinds of builds- plastic and metal.

Some even have glass-covered panels, however, those are exceptionally restricted. On the off chance that you are one of those inclined to dropping your cell phone, it’s best to go for a metal or a plastic assembled handset.

These can support drops from 2-3 feet, while glass-based handsets are certainly to break.


Regardless of how refreshed your framework is, your mobile phone’s processor needs to stay aware of it to run the phone easily. While checking for the phone’s processor, the quantity of cores and the clock speed are what you need to look out for.

More cores permit the phone to run more functions and processes. Smartphones can begin from a dual-core processor, similar to the iPhone 6S 16GB. Better quality smartphones can have as many as up to 8 cores, similar to the Asus ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0 (ZE601KL).

In the meantime, the clock speed decides how quickly your gadget can function. Basically, 1.84 GHz is the prescribed least for normal consumers to run their social media applications and make calls without a difficult situation.


There are three things that you need to observe with regards to memory on your new mobile phone. first is the internal storage, which will be in gigabytes. This is the memory that your smartphone uses to store stuff like music and pictures, so greater memory implies more stuff on your mobile phone. You can get monstrous 256 GB phone models, however, the greater part of us pull off a 16 GB model.

You might need to take a peek at external memory alternatives. A large number of phones have a micro SD card slot, and this allows you to purchase a memory card (like a digital camera) that you can use to get additional storage. Most of the time, it will be less expensive to purchase a memory card than it will be to purchase a mobile phone with bigger storage, so you should take note of this.


This is seemingly the most crucial aspect—all things considered, a smartphone is just comparable to its battery limit. For simpler reference, creators for the most part measure battery execution in milliampere-hours (mAh). All things considered, smartphone battery limits can begin from 1700mAh and can go as far as possible up to 5000mAh of the Asus Zenphone Max. A few brands likewise state how long a telephone can keep going on backup, talk, or media playback.

It depends on the power you need and relies upon your way of life. In case you don’t use too much on applications and simply need something basic, anyplace up to 2000mAh is generally enough for a day. In case you’re the sort who routinely messes around or utilizes bunches of applications, then, at that point, a smartphone with a higher battery limit is the one you need.


This is the memory that mobile phones store to use for everyday running. The more RAM you have the more reactive your telephone will be, in addition to it will be better at running bunches of applications all the while without crashing. Large mobile phones are getting 3 GB of RAM, however, you should search for at least 1 GB on an ordinary cell phone.

Ordinarily, telephones with essentially 2GB worth of RAM are sufficient for ordinary assignments. On the off chance that you’re a hefty user of applications and games, consider putting resources into a telephone with over 6GB of RAM so you can run more applications all simultaneously.

smartphone camera


Each extraordinary mobile phones need a camera, and you’ll see camera specs are in MP (which represents MegaPixels). As a rule, the higher the quantity of MP, the better your photos will be since the camera will actually want to catch all the more fine detail. Top-end gadgets are getting more than 20 MP now, however, 8 MP cameras are fine for the vast majority.

Selfie cameras are generally much lower goal than this, 2 MP or under, however since these are normally just utilized for video calling or taking the odd selfie, that is not an issue.


OS or operating systems are significant for many users, and almost everybody has an individual bias. You can pick between iOS, Android, Windows, etc. In the event that you don’t know what you want, then you should hit a mobile store and give some of them a shot to discover which turns out best for you since each offers various advantages and weaknesses just as an alternate client experience. 

Other than that, the last thing that you’ll likely need to take a glance at is the manner by what phone appeals to you. We as a whole need something cool, all things considered. Great looks are significant however remember to look at those different specs as well, or you might get a smartphone that will not do what you need it to do!