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What Can You do With a Super Fast Internet Connection?

Are you wondering what can you do with a super-fast internet connection? When people finally get fast internet, they are usually confused. Before the new connection, they spent a lot of their time downloading movies and games from the internet. Now, everything is available in seconds!

A high-speed internet connection brings a lot of questions. Which movie to watch? Which multiplayer game to play?  Are there other benefits of a super-fast internet connection? One thing is for sure, there are many possibilities!

Besides entertainment, in this article, we are going to discover which other benefits you can have from a super-fast internet? For instance, if your internet speed is 100 Mbps, it would be such a waste to spend your time on the internet reading the newspaper. With that speed, you have much more possibilities! Find out what countries have the fastest internet in the world!

Upload and Download speed

As you probably know, there are two types of internet speed, upload speed, and download speed. When we send data to the internet, we use upload speed. This speed is crucial for live streaming (YouTube live, Facebook live, etc.), high-quality video calls, and online meetings.

However, many internet activities don’t require a high upload speed. For instance, for watching YouTube videos, reading newspapers, scrolling through social networks, you don’t need to have a fast upload speed. In this case, a download speed is more significant. Therefore, internet providers prefer to offer faster download speeds than upload speeds.

Before you continue reading this article, it would be recommended to measure your internet speed. There are many free tools on Google which you can use to measure your net speed.

If you are not satisfied with the results, don’t worry, there are several ways to improve your internet connection!

What Can You do With Your Super-Fast Internet?

Once you have measured the speed of your internet connection, find out what possibilities you have. There are a lot of online activities but we will point out the most interesting ones!

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Watch Videos at Higher Resolution

Do you have Netflix? Whether you have Netflix or another streaming service, your super-fast connection can enhance the whole experience of watching movies. In this case, a download speed is crucial for the video quality. So contact your internet service provider and make sure to choose a plan that has a higher download speed.

Let’s assume that your download speed is at least 50 Mbps. With that speed, you would be able to stream full HD videos up to 5 devices at the same time. On the other hand, if you want to stream UHD videos on 5 devices, you will need to have a 100+ Mbps internet connection.

Download Large Files

In the past, large files had 5 to 10 gigabytes. Today, we have a different situation. A video game can have up to 80 gigabytes! So when you purchase a new game, your super-fast internet connection will help you download it in a short period of time. You no longer need to wait for hours to play your favorite game!

Add Content to Your YouTube Channel

Maybe the best benefits of a super-fast internet connection have YouTubers. These people record and upload videos on YouTube several times a week. They need to prepare content, record a video, edit it and finally upload it to the internet. This is a lot of work! Without a fast connection, this process can take much longer than we expect and can be exhausting!

Therefore, if you are someone who has a video channel, you should consider switching to a fiber internet connection. It is fast and it has great signal strength! Check out if this type of internet connection is available in your city!

Live Stream

Whether you are an influencer, a YouTuber, or someone who just loves to communicate with friends via live stream videos, you can experience many advantages of high-speed internet. The quality of your live stream videos will be much better and your viewers will be able to watch it without interruption!

If you want to stream videos via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch, you will need a good upload speed. Therefore, choose a plan that has a high upload speed.

Share Your Internet Connection with a Neighbor

We all know that fast internet, especially fiber internet, can be expensive! Since you have high-speed available, you can share it with your neighbor. The process of setting up is easy. You can use your Wi-Fi router to give your neighbor permission to use your internet connection.

When the bill finally arrives, you share the costs!