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7 Countries With the Fastest Internet

Do you live in a country with the fastest internet? Let’s find out! The internet has become a crucial part of every economy. It all started with people shopping online, but today the internet is much more than that!

Today, we have freelancers, influencers, YouTubers, digital nomads, remote workers, etc. It is obvious that people generate a huge amount of money online. This is the perfect opportunity for governments across the world to start investing in online infrastructure and provide more opportunities for citizens.

Companies have also realized this huge advantage of the internet and started to transform their own businesses. So we have more remote jobs, online meetings, and online webinar events. By using the internet, businesses are more efficient and companies more solvent!

Why is it important to have fast internet?

Every computer connected to the internet sends and receives data packages. Data packages are pieces of information. For instance, when a YouTuber sends a video on the internet, he gets information that the video has been uploaded. It is two-way communication. The faster the communication, the faster the work will be done!

When we send data to the internet we use upload speed. On the other hand, when we receive data from the internet we use download speed. Therefore, when it comes to testing your speed, you need to pay attention to both, upload and download speed.

Download and upload speed are measured in megabits per second or Mbps. There are a lot of online tools which you can use to measure your internet speed.

If your internet speed is between 5 and 40 Mbps, you can stream videos, have Skype video calls or play online video games. If the speed is between 40 and 100 Mbps, you can stream full HD videos, or download large files. Finally, when you have a 100+ Mbps internet connection, you can watch Ultra HD movies and play demanding online multiplayer games.

Internet speed also depends on the type of internet connection. These are the types of internet connection sorted from the slowest to the fastest: dial-up, satellite, DSL, cable, and fiber. Countries that have started investing in fiber internet currently have the fastest internet connection. Find out all the benefits of switching to a fiber internet connection.

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Top 7 Countries With the Fastest Internet

In case you are planning to work abroad, here are the top 7 countries with the fastest internet:

7. the Netherlands

Average download speed: 40.2 Mbps

Whether you want to play games, download movies or work remotely, the Netherlands has a lot to offer! The internet speed in this European country is 40.2 Mbps! Although the speed is great, you need to be aware that the government can monitor your online activities.

6. Luxembourg

Average download speed: 41.7 Mbps

Another European country with high-speed internet. If you are planning to move to Luxembourg, you have made a great choice! The average internet speed here is 41.7 Mbps. As we said earlier, this speed allows you to download large files and stream full HD videos. Internet communication in this country is neutral, although the government has permission to monitor online activities.

5. Japan

Average download speed: 42.7 Mbps

The fifth place on this list is Japan. Japan has a slightly higher internet speed than Luxembourg. The internet speed in this Asian country is 42.7 Mbps. As in Luxembourg, you will be able to download movies and large files. For instance, it will take you around 15 minutes to download a 5GB movie. When it comes to internet regulations, Japan has online tracking rules and speaking limitations.

4. Denmark

Average download speed: 49.1 Mbps

With an average internet speed of 49. 1 Mbps, Denmark is the fourth country on this list. If you would like to live in Europe and have a fast internet connection, Denmark is definitely a good choice!

3. Sweeden

Average download speed: 55.1 Mbps

When it comes to European countries, Sweeden is the winner! The internet speed in this country is an amazing 55.1 Mbps!

Game lovers, movie fans, and remote workers should pay attention to this country because the internet is free! There are no restrictions, speech limitations, and online monitoring. In short, when it comes to freedom on the internet, this is the best country on the list!

2. Singapore

Average download speed: 70.8 Mbps

The second country on the list is Singapore. You have probably heard that this country invests a lot in its internet infrastructure! The results are amazing! An average download speed is an incredible 70.8 Mbps! On the other hand, you may face online surveillance and speech limitations while surfing the net.

1. Taiwan

Average download speed: 85 Mbps

The winner of this list is Taiwan. If you live in Taiwan, it will take you around 8 minutes to download 5GB of data. Although the government of Taiwan provides easy access to the internet, there are still some restrictions such as web surveillance and speech limitations.