12 jobs you can qualify for with online classes

12 jobs you can qualify for with online classes

There are many jobs you can qualify for with online classes, and I’m going to mention just some of the most popular ones. Taking online classes won’t just help you land your dream job though. It can also help you get a promotion, change your career path, and generally improve yourself. Learning surely pays off, and you’re about to find out exactly how much.

1. Software developer

Building new apps and platforms is one of the most wanted and best jobs you can qualify for with online classes. According to Glassdoor, software developers most often make $90,374 yearly, and if that’s not an impressive number, I don’t know what is. You can turn software development into your new career simply by taking some of the college courses available online!

2. Accountant

All businesses need to cut costs and maintain cash flow, and this is where accounting comes in to save the day. If crunching the numbers sounds like your thing, you can become an accountant and make $65,080 yearly. You’ll be available to work in many sectors but start with checking out the Accounting Coach. This platform provides free financial knowledge for bookkeepers, accounting students, and anyone else interested in accounting. You’ll find an online dictionary, Q&A, self-tests, and more, so check out if accounting is your dream job!

3. Market research analyst

Many marketers and businesses don’t have the skill to understand the competition and customer data, so market research analysts step in and take charge. They earn $67,000 by doing so, and they can use their skills in many different companies. This is one of the best jobs you can qualify for with online classes, and you’ll find many free ones if you check out The International Institute of Market Research and Analytics. You’ll find useful videos and quizzes, and if you ever have any problems, you can contact support.

4. Nurse practitioner

According to some sources, there will be a significant shortage of physicians by 2025. Nurse practitioners don’t have a lot of difficulties finding work, and they can make $92,670 annually. If nursing sounds like something you’d like doing for a living, visit the website of Herzing University, where you’ll find an online program that ends with you getting a degree and your dream job! If you’re already a nurse practitioner and wish to expand your knowledge you can find it on the website of Duke School of Nursing.

5. Computer programmer

You don’t need me to tell you that computer science is one of the most desirable educations that you can get these days. You’ll write software code for a living and get rewarded for your hard work with $74,280 annually. Learn to build anything from animations to websites by visiting the Khan Academy website, and it will cost you nothing! Clearly, this is one of the best jobs you can qualify for with online classes.

12 jobs you can qualify for with online classes6. Paralegal

Is getting a law degree your biggest dream? By becoming a paralegal you’ll be able to find freelance work for attorneys, or you can work at a firm. You’ll earn $46,990 yearly, so check out The Center for Legal Studies, where you’ll be able to get a paralegal certificate. The best part is that you can get this, or some other legal certification, in only seven weeks of studying online.

7. IT manager

Maybe you think that some of the numbers I mentioned are impressive, but how does $123,950 sound to you? This will be your annual paycheck if you choose informational technology as your field of work. You’ll be in charge of creating a digital infrastructure of a company as well as presenting it. To become an IT manager just visit the Alison platform, and you’ll find the knowledge you’re looking for.

8. Administrative assistant

Maybe you have great organizational skills, and, if so, an administrative assistant might be the job for you. This is one of the jobs you can qualify for with online classes, and you’ll earn $37,539 every year. You’ll find a lot of guides, e-books, conferences, webinars, and other resources on Office Dynamics.

9. PR specialist

If you think that you can craft clear messages and write press releases for clients and brands, you might want to consider becoming a PR specialist. You’ll earn $54,193 annually, and you can start learning on Udemy right now!

10. HR specialist

Get hired to hire other people by learning about HR. You’ll manage vacations, benefits, sick leaves, and hire the best people for the job! You can work in basically any field you want. As a human resource specialist, you’ll earn $50,019 yearly, and this is one of the best jobs you can qualify for with online classes. Start learning at Universal Class and learn more about talent management, mediation, and communication.

11. Marketing manager

If you’re looking to earn the big bucks, try overseeing the current as well as long-term goals of a marketing firm that will pay you $127,130 annually for doing this. Get a specialized certificate from eCornell and get that job!

12. Real estate agent

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help people find and purchase their dream home? It’s certainly rewarding, and you’ll also help sellers get the price they wanted for their home by becoming a real estate agent. You’ll earn $45,070 on an annual basis, and you can start learning for free on Open Culture.

Good luck!