Best Free Online Learning Platforms for Adults

Best Free Online Learning Platforms for Adults

Since the invention of the internet, many things have been made easier, convenient, and within our reach. One of which is learning through MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses, helping several persons around the world to attain their respective academic goals.  A study done by the National Research University Higher School of Economics shows that online learning is just as effective as traditional learning.

The internet is a vast world of its own, with a lot of information readily available at our fingertips. If this information can be utilized effectively and adequately, there is no limit to what you can learn online for free, whether another language, coding, creative writing, arts, history, the list goes on.

Top 7 Websites Offering Online Courses for Adults

Below is a list of platforms where you can get your free learning as an adult started.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most well-known MOOCs, where you can begin your learning journey. It is in partnership with over 190 universities and organizations such as Google, IBM, and the University of Pennsylvania. Its aim is to provide adults with the best courses. Thankfully, there are thousands of courses available on Coursera, which can be pre-recorded to watch at your convenience.

Aside from the regular free online courses, there are also professional certificates and complete university degrees for an affordable fee. Coursera learning includes videos and several course exercises that must be completed within a specific time frame. Check out to get started today.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is an online platform with courses taught by leading experts. Udemy courses are similar to Coursera in so many ways, but it also allows you to create courses for categories like business, designs, and so much more.

Just like Coursera, it offers both free and paid learning. Udemy doesn’t need pre-qualification to apply.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a study site, which is in partnership with post-secondary schools. The lectures are brief and provide in-depth information on the subject of your choice. It breaks down each course into smaller sections of text or videos.

The knowledge on this app is accessible for both learners and students for free. It also aids in monitoring your progress.

  1. Alison

Alison is a site with courses in English, German, French. It offers free learning resources like business, technology, health, among others. It’s a resource where you can study, learn and obtain certificates.

You can also learn useful life skills like negotiating to buy a house, currency exchange, general accounting, etc.

Best Free Online Learning Platforms

  1. edX

edX is a lot like Khan Academy, as it has teachers, quizzes, and discussion boards readily available for students. The only difference is that it focuses more on science courses like computer science, data science, engineering, mathematics, and so much more.

The site offers a weekly array of courses in short videos and certificate completion.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is another video learning website with over 15,000 courses taught in over seven languages. LinkedIn is a useful learning tool for both experts who need to advance their skills and amateurs searching for more knowledge.

  1. Udacity

Udacity is a site that provides free learning, and it’s available for students across the globe. The courses are taught by expert tutors. This helps strengthen students in their weakest subjects.

  1. SkillShare

SkillShare is an online platform that provides resources needed for real life. It offers courses like e-commerce, data science, among others.

  1. Codecademy

This is a website that teaches only coding,  ranging from Java to Python, JavaScript, etc. Like other coding websites, it has an array of lectures.

Codecademy has a live practice window that enables you to view the lesson and practice coding simultaneously.

  1. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is in partnership with several universities around the world. It allows you to learn from the comfort of your home, like all other websites. The future of learning has been made easier with the convenience of technology. Accessible to all, FutureLearn offers weekly free learning and lectures. This learning platform technically puts the future of learning in your hands; make use of it to the fullest.

Final Thoughts

The above are websites where you can find, nurture, enhance, and build skills, all for free. The best part of learning online is the convenience it offers. You can work out a time that suits you as a stay-at-home parent, working-class person, student, etc. It doesn’t matter your age, race, experience, level of qualification — it’s available for everyone. Make the choice today, and be one step closer to your dream. Have you tried any of the platforms discussed in this article? Do not hesitate to share your experience with us via the comment section.